Sustainable Eco-Jetting Systems with European technology and a world reference, now nationalized and available in the Brazilian market. Since 2015 TECH ITAL, a Brazilian company, has been bringing cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions to the Brazilian market.

The extreme simplicity of use and maintenance, associated with the high possibility of adjusting usage parameters (pressure and control of the inert / air mixture), makes the systems extremely versatile allowing their wide application to carry out treatment, recovery and controlled and selective cleaning of the most varied surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminum, iron, bronze, wood, glass, marble, bricks, masonry, concrete, etc., provide excellent results with productivity gains and considerable savings in relation to labor as well as, consumables and energy .


  • Aluminum reservoir for 3 kilos of inert.

  • Max height: 450 mm;

  • Max width: 190 mm;

Possibility of using TECH ITAL's own ecological aggregates or other market products. The composition of the aggregates can be of varied materials and of varying granulometry according to the requirements of surface preparation;

  • Approximate weight of 9.9 kg for the dry model.

  • Approximate weight of 10.4 Kg for the model with the Kit for operation with water.

  • Operating pressure: adjustable from 0.2 to 9 bar;

  • Feed compressed air totally free of water moisture or oils with at least 500 liters per minute, 17.66 PCM.



  • 1 Body with reservoir for up to 3 kilos of inert;

  • 1 set of handle and 4 rubber feet;

  • 1 Specific flexible tube with 3 meters for passage of inert + air with protective cover with nylon weft;

  • 1 spray gun with 3.0 mm nozzle;

  • 1 Funnel for loading inert in the reservoir;

  • 1 1 in. Claw Hose Coupling Quick coupling connection to the compressed air supply;

  • 1 3/4 in. Quick coupling (Male type) for connection to the water network or water tank;



  • 1 water kit composed of nozzle and tubes for spraying water;




  • 1 Operation and maintenance manual in Portuguese (physical and digital);

  • 1-day training for a class of up to 5 people at the factory in São Paulo

  • Maintenance training

  • Operational training

  • During the training videos and photos of the procedures will be generated to compose the respective manuals

  • 1 year warranty against eventual manufacturing defects, not related to misuse or wear.



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