Conservation and Restoration

Conservação e Restauro

Effective for the treatment, recovery, cleaning and preparation of surfaces aimed at Architectural Restoration, Artistic Restoration, Restoration of Historical Heritage: Treatment and cleaning of surfaces to remove carbon deposits (smog), remove black crusts, contaminate mosses, fungi and lichens, removal of degradation and restoration of conditions and the original color of historic surfaces.

Large urban and industrial centers are more exposed to the action of air pollution. When there is a large concentration of these deposits, a layer of pollutants and soot is formed, darkening it and providing pathological manifestations. Polluted air generally contains large concentrations of sulfur dioxide (SO2), which, in the presence of water and oxygen in the air, turns into sulfuric acid (H2SO4), strong enough to cause the deterioration of various mineralogical materials.

Widely used worldwide, the Sustainable Eco-Sandblasting and Inert systems are the most effective equipment for the conservation and restoration of historical and cultural heritage. The use of inerts such as calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate at low pressure (from 0.2 bar) are especially suitable for surfaces such as marble, polished marble, granite, terracotta, etc.

The extreme simplicity of use and maintenance, as well as the high possibility of adjusting usage parameters (pressure and control of the inert / air mixture), makes the systems extremely versatile allowing their wide application to carry out controlled and selective treatment, recovery and cleaning of the most varied surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminum, iron, bronze, wood, glass, marble, bricks, masonry, concrete and etc.


Associated with sustainable aggregates (Abrasives) and with a totally ecological appeal, being of varying granulometry according to the surface preparation requirements as well as of totally inert materials (vegetal, mineral and natural origin), they provide excellent results with gains in productivity and considerable savings in relation to labor as well as, consumables and energy to various market sectors, eliminating the concern that the vast majority of market solutions based on chemistry, with the disposal of material resulting from cleaning.



Cleaning and removal of soot, graffiti, incrustations, etc. in marble ornaments and other materials.

Cleaning and removal of soot, graffiti, oxidation, encrustation, etc. in monuments of bronze, cast iron, and other metals


Removal of paints, varnishes, soot, etc. in wooden artifacts, sculptures, etc.


Cleaning and removal of soot, graffiti, incrustations, contaminations etc. in marble statues and other materials, recovering originality.



Carbonization removal, paints, varnishes, soot, graffiti, etc

Removal of soot, graffiti, inlays of algae, fungi, lichens, etc.