The extreme simplicity of use and maintenance, as well as the high possibility of adjusting usage parameters (pressure and control of the inert / air mixture), makes the systems extremely versatile allowing their wide application to carry out controlled and selective treatment, recovery and cleaning of the most varied surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminum, iron, bronze, wood, glass, marble, bricks, masonry, concrete and etc.



Associated with sustainable aggregates (Abrasives) and with a totally ecological appeal, being of varying granulometry according to the surface preparation requirements as well as of totally inert materials (vegetal, mineral and natural origin), they provide excellent results with gains in productivity and considerable savings in relation to labor as well as, consumables and energy to various market sectors, eliminating the concern that the vast majority of market solutions based on chemistry, with the disposal of material resulting from cleaning.

TECH ITAL's Eco-Blasting and Inert Sustainable Systems are particularly suitable for carrying out controlled and selective cleaning of the most varied types of surfaces. Thanks to the regulation of usage parameters (pressure and control of the inert / air mixture) and the use of ecologically responsible inerts of suitable nature and granulometry, they remove unwanted surface layers.

TECH ITAL's sustainable, Eco Blasting and Inert Systems are ideal for removing unwanted layers in wooden artifacts and / or of historical, artistic and cultural value.

It provides wood artifacts with the appropriate degree of porosity necessary for the application of conservation treatments. It is successfully used for micro ablation for the purpose of placing intumescents. The treated artifacts will be free of dust, greases, oils, silicones and other substances that may compromise the proper fixing of the restoration lining.

Cleaning and removal of dirt, contamination and soot
Restoration of wooden furniture, removal of paints and varnishes
Surface preparation and removal of paints and varnishes
Cleaning and removal of dirt and carbonization
Cleaning and restoration of wooden ornaments
Removing paints and varnishes from wooden doors