Inert (Abrasives)

TECH ITAL-IBIX's Sustainable Eco Blasting Systems enable the use of TECH ITAL's own ecological abrasives or other market products.


TECH ITAL's abrasives are sustainable, with a totally ecological appeal, being of varying granulometry according to the surface preparation requirements as well as of totally inert materials (vegetal, mineral and natural origin). Thus, there is no concern, that the vast majority of market solutions based on chemistry, with the disposal of the material resulting from cleaning.



Nut shells can be of various sizes, from large to extra thin, depending on the application. They are used in the same way as traditional abrasives. They are resistant and can be reused. It is especially suitable for roughing, sandblasting, cleaning and polishing delicate plastic and metal parts, as it preserves the original dimensions and characteristics of the parts Remove dirt from surfaces without scratching or perforating the underlying substrate. The Sustainable Systems - Eco - Sandblasting TECH ITAL - IBIX A creates a low level of dust that benefits the operator and the environment.