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Experienced, innovative and dynamic company, with a customer-oriented business spirit, offers high quality products able to meet the diverse demands of customers providing Productivity, Versatility and Sustainability.


Sustainable eco-blasting systems with European technology and world reference now nationalized and available in the Brazilian market.

Sustainable abrasives with totally ecological appeal, with totally inert vegetal, mineral and natural origin

Auxiliary equipment: compressors and dryers.

Accessories suitable for various application types



The extreme simplicity of use and maintenance, as well as the high possibility of adjustment of use parameters (pressure and inert / air mixture control), make the systems extremely versatile allowing their wide application for controlled and selective treatment, recovery and cleaning. from various surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminum, iron, bronze, wood, glass, marble, bricks, masonry, concrete, etc., with significant productivity gains and considerable savings in terms of labor as well as consumables and energy. 

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Alegria Fire decided to use the Eco-Shot Blasting Machines to maintain and recharge extinguishers to provide better products to its customers.  

Museu Lingua Portuguesa.jpg



At the Portuguese Language Museum, the Eco-Shot Blasting Machines were used to remove carbonization from building installations after the 2015 fire.

Custumer Gallery

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